proud bunnyHelping to keep your rabbit and your finances in tip-top condition!

We can’t emphasise enough how important it is to provide routine veterinary care for your pet, helping them to stay in tip-top condition and lead a happier life.

The Pet Health Club is a great way to cut the cost of routine veterinary care for your pet, allowing you to look after your pet in the best possible way for a fixed monthly cost.

Take a look below to find out how much is included in the rabbit club and the estimated savings to be made on the annual costs of what we call “preventative healthcare”.

  • Annual Vaccination
  • 6-month Healthcheck
  • Annual Flystrike prevention
  • 6 x Excel Herbage Timothy Hay 1kg
  • Microchip or £10 Voucher (voucher will only be given in the case where the pet is already microchipped)


  • 50% off first purchased bag of food (Up to 4kg)
  • 20% off Neutering
  • Cost Price Food (Available on Excel Rabbit ranges. Other brands available at 10% discount subject to availability from our supplier.)
  • 10% off Pet Shop Sales
  • Free Annual Urine Test
  • Free Nail Clipping
  • Free Nurse Consultations
  • 10% off Dentistry and Geriatric Screenings
  • 20% off selected Lifetime Care Medications
  • 50% off Community Nurse Visits


  • £7.80 per month for Rabbits

Any additional pets pay £1 less per month


Pet Health Club Savings Guide

Savings Guide (click to enlarge)


4 Easy Steps to Join!

Step 1 – Register: In order to sign up to the Pet Health Club, you and your pet must be registered at Holly House Veterinary Hospital. If you are not already registered, call, visit or email us and we will be happy to help you.

Step 2 – Complete an application form: Once your pet is registered, you can call into the practice to complete an application form. Alternatively, download your form here to complete and bring to the practice. 

Step 3 – Pay the first monthly payment: After joining the scheme, please note that you will need to pay the first monthly payment on the day of registration.

Step 4 – You are now a member of our Pet Health Club: Congratulations! Your pet can now enjoy all the benefits and free services that a Pet Health Club member is entitled to. 

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