Worming Your Dog

Most puppies have round worms. They are transmitted from their mothers via the placenta and through the milk. Eggs are then passed out in the faeces and contaminate the environment where they can persist for up to two years.

Older dogs can pick up roundworms by ingesting the eggs passed in infected dogs faeces.

Young children can also pick up roundworm eggs and the infection can in rare circumstances result in blindness or epilepsy as a result of the damage the worms do migrating through the body. This means that effective worming is essential if your dog has contact with young children or is exercised where they play.

Roundworms can cause vomiting and diarrhoea and weight loss. Worm

Tapeworms can be picked up either from fleas or from eating raw meat. They are not human health hazard but are unsightly and cause irritation to your pet as the segments crawl around his bottom.

At Holly House we recommend that you worm your dog regularly throughout their life.

If we have an accurate weight for your dog and have examined him during the past 12 months we are happy to prescribe wormers for your dog without you having to bring him to the surgery. Please telephone us or use our online prescription request page and we can prepare your prescription for you to collect the following afternoon.

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