Care of Your Kitten


Your kitten's general health check

It is good to visit us at Holly House Vets as soon as is reasonable after choosing your new kitten. You are even welcome to visit us before you collect it. We will always be delighted to see you and we will endeavor to clear up concerns that come to you in the first few days of getting used to your kitten.

Most things we find at your kittens general health check are straight forward. Simple things like ear mites, fleas and other visitors are common findings and are easily cleared. However, very occasionally this veterinary examination can reveal other health problems such as heart murmurs, cleft palates, retained testicles and hernias. 

The Holly House team will help you understand if any problems detected during your general health check are actually serious or could have any long-term implications for you. When health problems are detected, we are here to help you and we will advise about what you should maybe do in response to them!


Holly House vaccines start at 9 weeks of age. If your kitten is 9 weeks or older and in good health, you should book your first vaccination appointment and start your kittens vaccination program immediately.

Your kitten’s second vaccination is given between 3 and 4 weeks after the first vaccination. Our reception team will book your second appointment at the time of your first vaccination. Alternatively you can book this appointment later by telephone.

To read more about vaccinating your kitten, please click here.

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Microchip insertionmicrochip

The team at Holly House believe that it is a very good idea to microchip your kitten before it is old enough to start going out. A microchip is roughly the size of a grain of rice and is inserted between the shoulder blades.

If your kitten gets lost the microchip can be read by veterinary practices and rehoming centres so you and your kitten can be reunited.

Second vaccination is an ideal time to microchip.

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Getting rid of fleas and worms


Most, if not all kittens, no matter how bright and healthy they appear come with an invisible burden of worms. Worms can even cross the placenta and be transferred through mum’s milk. Worm eggs and larvae pose a serious threat to your family. They are occasionally responsible for serious conditions such as epilepsy and sight damage in young children.  Eliminate parasites as soon as you acquire your kitten or at first vaccination.

Start a parasite prevention plan as soon as your kitten enters your home. Even adorable pets can come with unwelcome visitors or can quickly acquire them! If your vet has identified simple common kitten parasites, such as ear mites, skin mites, worms or fleas, then this is easily dealt with.Worm

It is wise to take an effective veterinary flea and parasite prevention product for your new kitten, even if it is clear of unwanted visitors. As soon as your kitten begins to socialise, it is at risk from picking up parasites. We can supply you with ideal treatment.

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certificateGetting on with insurance

The team at Holly House strongly believe that all clients and their pets benefit from a reliable pet insurance policy, covering injury and illness. We feel all pet owners should have some form of health insurance for their pet.

If you are interested in taking out pet insurance at any stage in your cat’s life, the Holly House team have pet insurance advisors available to help you with this.

At Holly House we believe that a “Life-policy” such as that offered by PetPlan ® gives your pet the ideal cover required. For more information, please click here.


At Holly House we advise all kitten owners consider neutering at 6 months of age as this is the most beneficial time. This is a simple procedure with a quick recovery.

sore cat

Reduces the risk of

  • Feline Leukaemia
  • Feline AIDS
  • Spraying
  • Fighting and aggression
  • Unwanted pregnancy

We have produced a separate detailed guide to neutering that talks you through the whole procedure and the aftercare. It is easy to neuter your kitten and may be a great help to you and your pet.

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